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Redeemer Lutheran Church



“I believe you are planting new seeds again this year that will change kids for a lifetime!”

“Thank for making __’s first day of preschool experience so wonderful. We are thrilled you are his teacher!”

“Thank you for your patience, encouragement, hard work, and love for your preschool students.  They are so lucky to have you for a teacher!”

“We are blessed to have you as a teacher!”

“I am so impressed with how patient and devoted you are with your students!” 

“Thank you for being such a great influence in both of my children's lives.” 

“…you are very good at juggling the needs of children in the group, and very committed to meeting them where they happen to be developmentally…”

“I cannot thank you enough for being such a positive force in his life. I'm sure you think it's all just part of the job but I'm pretty confident a different teacher with different philosophies wouldn't put as much time and effort in helping him and guiding him though his day. ­___ was so complimentary about how you handle him along with the other children it just reaffirmed that he is in the best possible place. It made my heart sing that we are on the right path for him. We are so thankful and grateful we have you Mrs. Braun!” 

“…your communication to parents is so excellent…”

“…no experience compares to the warm environment at Redeemer…”
“We've really been impressed with your program and so touched by and grateful for the individualized attention you've given ___.”

“We are so incredibly pleased with our first weeks of the preschool experience. ___ absolutely loves you. He loves Ms. T. and he loves everything about preschool! I am thrilled for him! It is such a blessing to have another caring adult speaking goodness and truth into his life…I just love that he has you to help teach and guide him through these first social interactions. Thank you! You are excellent at your job and clearly gifted for this work! I praise God for you and ask Him to heap blessing into your life!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  For all that you are doing for ___.  I know already that decades down the road I will be talking about his preschool teacher, Mrs. Braun, who didn't judge him and made all the difference in getting us connected with the resources we needed.  In the short time we have known you, you have already been a life changer for us.”

“I am so impressed with how patient and devoted you are with your students!” 

“We are blessed to have you as a teacher!”

“I will be forever grateful for you and the education you provided ___ and the kindness you extended to our family. You hold a special place in our hearts.  You certainly made an impression on him and on our family.”

“One of my very favorite things about her going to school there is that she has been talking nearly on a daily basis about Jesus and God.”

“My six year old is now excelling in kindergarten, going above and beyond the expectations.  I truly believe that it is because of the opportunities she was given at Redeemer.  Last year when ___ started, he had speech delays and the extra time he gets at Redeemer has helped him tremendously.  If it wasn’t for your scholarship program, I do not believe that my children would be excelling like they are.  Thank you so much for the opportunities you have provided for my children and my family and in helping us teach them about Jesus.”


“You both have just made ___ blossom in the past year and the way you care for her is so appreciated.” 

“For three and a half years we were the sole providers of care for ___.  As you can imagine, considering preschool was met with great trepidation.  Last year we really could not imagine ___ not being at home with us and entrusting him to someone else, even a few days a week.  We really enjoy being with him….luckily, preschool has provided the perfect segue.

…other parents suggested that we check out Redeemer and sang the praises of the teachers there…We came to see you and the choice was obvious; Redeemer would be the best place for our son and our family.

He has learned so much this year!  We remain in awe of ___ and his capacity to learn.  His knowledge and insight never cease to amaze us.  While in your care he has gleaned so much information.  We are grateful for the varied topics you cover; they have provided us with a springboard to further discoveries.  Your curriculum is inspiring and diverse, which has really helped ___ be open to, discover and explore new interests. 

It has been incredible to see his growth.  It is absolutely due, much in part, to you and your incredible program.  It is wonderful to know that the values of our family are propagated at school.  We are moved by his growth in faith.  He has so much insight and has brought up many topics that we had not addressed previously at home.  What a wonderful gift. It has also been exciting to see him forge relationships with other adults and children.  We are hoping his excitement for school days continues for decades to come.  Thank you for instilling such a joy and passion for learning and school.  You are absolutely part of his root system from which the rest of his life will stem.

It is an honor to share ___ with you.  Thank you for all you do.  The care and attention you have given him and his classmates and their families are unique and treasured.  We are eager for ___ to be old enough to enter preschool and to entrust her to you.  You and your program are forever endeared to us.  May God continue to bless you, your hearts, and your minds.  You are a gift to us and we feel most blessed.”